1. How do I upload content?

After you have registered, and your account is activated, you will be able to upload your content either via web or ftp. Please see our detailed upload page here: Uploading content

2. When will my content appear on frontend ?

We inspect all incoming files for quality. This may take some time, but you can expect to see your upload on frontend within 48 hours (if it is accepted).

3. Can I set the price myself?

Imagensia operates with flat and simple, transparent pricing. Which means that we set prices at a rate we think is competitive and yet fare. So, no; you cant decide the price yourself.

4. What about royalties / commision?

Every time we sell one of your files, you will be granted with a percentage of the sale price. All our contributors are equally worth to us, so we dont differentiate the commision between contributors. You will get 40% if your upload is non-exclusive, and you will get 60% if it is exclusive. 
Please see our rates here: Contributor rates

5. When and how will I be paid?

When you have earned 50 USD, a payout to your PayPal account will be made.

6. How will my content be used?

We don’t control how our customers use your content, but our customers are required to use the content in accordance with the license and restrictions. Please contact us (and not our customers) if you have concerns on how your image is used by a specific customer.

7. Can I delete my content?

Yes. You can delete any of your uploaded files with effect immediately.

8. What do I need to become a contributor?

1. Camera with at least 4MP or HD resolution
2. PayPal account