1. How do I purchase a license?

It is quite straight forward to buy content :
1. Register as customer : register
2. Search for the content you want and choose the media type (photo or Video)
3. Choose the content that suits you, and choose filesize.
4. Click Add to Cart. You will be given an option to purchase just one file, or a pack or plan. If you need more than one file, go to the plans and prices page, and purchase from here.
5. Go to your cart and click Buy. You can pay with either creditcard or PayPal. 
6. Go to your account, and download your file.

2. How do I search for specific content?

There are basically two ways of searching:

1. Type keywords that describe your content in the searchbox, and choose mediatype.
2. Select a category and refine the search by our filters on the left side. Then browse the result.

3. How does subscriptions work?

When you purchase a monthly subscription, you are allowed to download a certain amount of photos every month. If you dont use all downloads, the unused ones will transfer to next month, if it is renewed. It will not renew automatically, so you have to renew at least 48 hours BEFORE the end of the expiration date.

4. Can I download a preview ?

Yes. You can download a preview which is low-resolution and watermarked. You may not use this preview in a finished product, but only use it for testing.

5. Can I use the same content for different clients?

Yes. But If you want to use the same file for different customers, it must be licensed seperately for each customer.

6. Can I resell the files?

No. None of our licenses permit you to resell or transfer license to a third party..

7. Do I have to add copyright information when using your content?

Yes, but only for editorial licenses. When you publish a news photo a text beneath should appear in this format : © photographer name / Imagensia.
For news video the same format should appear in one of the four corners.

8. Can my colleagues or friends use my account?

No. You my not share your login details with any other person. Your account is personal amd for your use only.